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Waste has a future
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Continuing where others stop

Achieving project objectives, working safely and a sustainable project location are the ingredients that A&M Recycling can provide for civil engineering. Thanks to our extensive experience in various facets, no project is unachievable for us. Our strength lies in the total care of the waste streams at the project. With the client, we will identify the bottlenecks and draft a specific waste plan. In short, a total care solution.

A&M Recycling's method of working at the Infra unit is characterised by:

  • Customer/project specific waste solution
  • Support and guidance by project manager
  • SLA agreement per project
  • Operational 24/7
  • Working according TRA (task risk analysis)
  • Working with LMRA (last minute risk analysis)
  • Fully certified partner
  • Comprehensive project administration, including Co2 reduction report
  • Issuing the client with an eco-label certificate


  • Available 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Direct telephone number (planning)
  • Disassembly/removal/cutting objects
  • Collection with crane truck and trailer at locations at the project

Total Care

We offer 'Total Care' solutions within the framework of a comprehensive service package. This includes: disassembly of infra related installations/objects (possible return of parts for re-use), dismantling emergency power areas and cleaning up industrial sites. For the implementation of Total Care projects, we have expert employees in possession of VCA, Road Safety and the Digital Safety Passport, etc.

Below you will find various options for taking care of the disposal of your metal waste.

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