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Waste has a future
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Transition 4G to 5G

The transition within the telecom is going at lightning speed, with the development now moving from 4G to 5G. This development entails many materials that are released, such as batteries, cables, combiners and other electronics, and these must be disposed of correctly.

In the context of circularity, the government is also aiming for the reuse of components or devices. We can coordinate this with you. We provide high-quality recycling of products that are no longer eligible for re-use, due to their end-of-life status.

Dismantling, destructing or processing these products can be carried out for you by our specially trained employees, by people who are at a distance from the labour market at our Innovation Plant in Rotterdam Europoort or in our sheltered employment facility (Werkleerbedrijf) in Goes. By also taking care of the logistics for you, we can give you complete peace of mind regarding the required certificates.

Waste electronic and electrical equipment that is released during this process must be recycled responsibly, in accordance with WEEELABEX law. Only a WEEELABEX certified company such as A&M Recycling may recycle such equipment.

In2Waste Solutions, the A&M Recycling Group knowledge and advice centre, can produce reports with regard to waste management on the following topics: volumes of waste streams, sustainability (CO2 reduction), CSR and your contribution to the Participation Act (SROI)

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