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Waste has a future
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From coins and chips to entire trains

Almost everything can turn into waste. That is why in addition to 'normal' waste, A&M Recycling is also specialised in processing less common, sensitive or hazardous types of waste such as value means, rail tankers, medicines and large industrial waste.

Advisors and employees with experience

The experienced 'complex waste specialists' from A&M Recycling are discussion partners for multinationals and governments and can arrange numerous additional waste matters. These range from the deployment of experienced waste coordinators or the establishment of advanced environmental stems to the drafting of specific national and international safety protocols.

Specialist waste professionalism 24/7 available

Waste flows do not adhere to office hours. That is why A&M Recycling are available day and night to provide our professional services. A commitment that is guaranteed by all required certificates and strictest safety requirements.

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