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Waste has a future
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Symbolic starting capital of fifty euros

A&M Recycling was founded in the spring of 2003 by two experienced managers from the recycling industry. Sitting at the kitchen table, the two founders decided to use their extensive experience in recycling, gained at large multi-national companies, to start their own company. In the new company, business professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, human contact and personal values would be of primary importance. At that time, a shared 50 euro note became the symbolic 'starting capital' of A&M Recycling.

Sustainable waste solutions

A&M Recycling makes every effort to turn waste into a useful raw material. Thanks to an innovative, (socially) responsible and customer-oriented company policy, this mission is successfully put into practice. With 52 employees, A&M Recycling is now a well-known name in the field of recycling. And not without a word of thanks to a growing number of clients who also think waste has a future.
A growing number of large and smaller clients appreciate the combination of enthusiastic entrepreneurship, a 'worry-free' and specifically tailored recycling offer as well as personal contact.  

Well-founded business operations

From three easy accessible locations via rail road and waterways, including a 10,000 m² Innovation Plant in the industrial heart of Rotterdam, the Europoort, a 4,000 m² location in Rotterdam's Botlek and a location in Barendrecht, A&M Recycling can provide both clients and stakeholders with the best possible service locally, nationally and internationally.

Solving waste concerns 24/7 with fully certified services.

Incidents and production processes also take place outside office hours. That is why you can count on the full commitment of A&M Recycling to solve waste concerns 7 days a week. This commitment is fully guaranteed by all certificates and permits.

Added values at competitive prices

From application to implementation. From environmental and permit advice to mediation. From inventory to leaving locations clean and tidy. Clients are assured of A&M Recycling's professional knowledge, experience and resources for responsible solutions to countless waste issues. And all this with a competitive pricing policy. In practice, this means that you can count on a maximum return on the positive (residual) value of waste. This way you also make a meaningful contribution to sustainable recovery of valuable raw materials, also from an economic point of view.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In compliance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) any personal data received will not be used for commercial purposes of third parties.

A&M Recycling in short:

  • Efficient, competitive and in line with market practice
  • Customer-oriented, personal and according to agreement
  • Transparant and reliable
  • Innovative, safe and socially responsible
  • Sustainability as a business focus
  • From coins and tokens to entire trains

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