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Waste has a future
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The A&M Recycling CO2 Performance Ladder

Efficient use of materials, energy saving and use of sustainable energy. These principles form the core of the CO2 performance ladder which A&M Recycling applies in order to participate in tenders that "stimulate Carbon Conscious action in our own business operations and in the implementation of projects". Since its introduction in 2009 (by ProRail), this tool has also been successfully applied in other business sectors.

Genuinely Sustainable

As recycling specialists, A&M Recycling are of course aware of the need to treat the environment and raw materials with care. That is why sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship has been an increasingly practical part of A&M's business since it was founded. This comes down to:

  • Integrity and transparent corporate policy
  • Development opportunities for employees
  • Collaboration with like-minded, sustainable companies
  • Sponsoring social initiatives
  • Energy-conscious business operations
  • Company and personnel policy aimed at Social Return
  • Fully certified business operations

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Sustainably Responsible

We need to take good care of the planet, for ourselves and future generations. As a recycling company, we have a special responsibility here. Sustainable and responsible business has played an essential role in our business operations from the very beginning. For us, this means that we conduct business with integrity and transparency, offer our employees good development opportunities and enter into partnerships with partners who have also included sustainable business in their business philosophy. In addition, we are committed to the world around us in various ways, including by sponsoring various sports clubs.

We also want to protect the environment as much as possible in our daily business activities. Use energy efficiently, print less often, invest wisely in energy-efficient office equipment; every action yields environmental benefits. And that's why we do it!

Social Return

In the context of social return, we outsource a number of business-related activities to companies that employ people with a greater distance to the labour market (providing sheltered work, for example). For public procurement, this is often mandatory: the government uses this tool to increase employment for this group of people. It is also one of the ways in which we take responsibility for the world around us.

Core Values & Certifications

"Say as you do and do as you say". Quality at A&M Recycling is based on a number of core values:

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