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Waste has a future
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The future of waste

A&M Recycling makes every effort to turn waste into a useful raw material. Thanks to an innovative, (socially) responsible and customer-oriented company policy, this mission is successfully put into practice. A&M Recycling has become a well-known name in the local, national and international fields of recycling. And not without a word of thanks to a growing number of clients who also think waste has a future.

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From 3 easily accessible locations via rail, road and waterways, including a 10,000 m² Innovation Plant in the industrial heart of Rotterdam, the Europoort, a 4,000 m² location in Rotterdam's Botlek and a location in Barendrecht, A&M Recycling can provide both clients and stakeholders with the best possible service locally, nationally and internationally. 

At the locations in Rotterdam Botlek and Barendrecht
metal waste can also be handed in.
And with the highest possible residual value payment, of course.

De A&M Groep werkt succesvol aan haar verscherpte CO2-reductiedoelstelling

In het eerste half jaar van 2021 heeft de A&M Groep haar CO2-uitstoot weer weten te reduceren. De uitstoot in de eerste maanden van dit jaar was 11,9 ton CO2 per tonnage ingezameld metaal. Vorig jaar was dit nog ruim 13. Hiermee werkt de A&M Groep succesvol aan haar vernieuwde en verscherpte reductiedoelstelling.

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