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Waste has a future
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Recycling various waste streams

Recycling industrial waste is part of the A&M Recycling’s services. Every company produces waste. In order to save our raw materials as much as possible, it is important to recycle the waste as much as possible. During the recycling process, (separated) residual materials such as paper/cardboard, rubble, plastic foil, plastics, metals, etc. are reusable as raw material for new products. The remaining combustible fraction can, after processing, be used as secondary fuel.

Total care

As part of our complete service package, we offer Total Care solutions. This means that our expertise can give you peace of mind. Our enthusiastic specialists can draft a specific recycling plan for you. This can vary from a roll container for industrial waste to handling complex projects, considering the following subjects.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a great danger to society. That is why asbestos must be disposed of professionally and safely in accordance with the strictest guidelines and rules. An asbestos inventory plan is drafted prior to each project. Based on this, a demolition permit can be applied for. After the demolition permit has been granted, the asbestos removal will be carried out in accordance with the SC 530 standard giving you the certainty of a safe and thorough asbestos removal.

Hazardous (chemical) waste

Hazardous waste contains substances that may be hazardous to health, safety or the environment. In this area too, A&M Recycling offers you the necessary expertise to dispose of and process hazardous waste correctly and according to the right guidelines. 
We can carry out an inventory for you and ensure that the substances in the UN-approved packaging required by the government are disposed of.

Dismantling (demolition) of objects

Over the years, A&M Recycling has also proven to be a reliable recycling partner in the area of dismantling. Whether it concerns small-scale dismantling, e.g. from machines on location, to large dismantling, e.g. train wagons, bridges or buildings, A&M Recycling is the right recycling partner for you. If necessary, a risk inventory will be drafted.

Circular destruction

A&M Recycling guarantees confidential treatment of the goods our clients want destroyed, from collection to processing. This is a coordinated process from start to finish including the related (administrative) formalities linked to internal company objectives.

  • Collection and packaging
  • Transport
  • Circular destruction

The process has been identified and safeguarded through five steps. Each step has individual expertise characteristics.

  • Advising destruction / recycling process
  • Drawing up a plan of approach
  • Process support
  • Processing mono-streams
  • Preparation of destruction certificate

A&M Recycling can provide your project with a sustainable and social character. The work will be carried out, according to the client's requirements, by people with a statement for Sheltered Employment (people at a distance from the labour market). In doing so will be complying with the Participation Act and making a valuable social contribution.  

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