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Waste has a future
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Saturday 24 February the new A&M Recycling Group site on Dintelweg in Rotterdam Europoort was officially opened. With 3 branches spread over Rotterdam Europoort, Rotterdam Botlek and Barendrecht, we can provide our clients and stakeholders with the best possible service locally, nationally and internationally.


The original 3,000 m2 site has been expanded to an Innovation Plant of more than 10,000 m2. During the development of the new site, we carefully considered the reuse of sustainable building materials. Where possible, sustainably produced or recycled building materials, which require little energy to process, were used. There is a clear choice for quality and for better functioning products with a longer lifespan.

Examples are the paving and the surface treatments, which have been applied in accordance with the technical provisions of the Standard RAW par 30.2 Bituminous surface treatments. Other examples are the timber frame construction of the office building, the heat pump for heating the office and changing rooms, the sustainable lighting system and the entire design of the office spaces that are geared to the themes of air, water and earth, coming together in the beautiful reception and presentation area

One of the eye-catchers of the outside area is the explosion-proof storage space that we developed ourselves for storing various types of batteries. The site also has a 60-tonne calibrated weighbridge, a diversity of loading and unloading compartments, which can be set up for the materials to be received. The location is right in the heart of major industries and is therefore the ideal base for industrial companies and their contractors for removing and dismantling obsolete installations and materials.

In addition to our usual certificates that you are used to at A&M Recycling, we are WEEELABEX certified at this location. We are the only party in the region that can receive and process various electronics in accordance with the WEEELABEX law. With the design of a sorting plant, shredder facilities and closed and secured spaces, we offer our customers confidential destruction and responsible recycling of discarded equipment, installations, computers and components.

In2Waste In practice, finding the right routes to the next purpose of your waste and raw materials is not that simple. The new world requires a different way of thinking. For these types of issues, In2Waste, our knowledge and advice centre, offers you a helping hand. In2Waste also operates from our Innovation Plant on the Dintelweg where we can help you with issues related to sustainability, CSR and circular economy. The core competence of In2Waste is 1. consultancy and operational coordination of complex recycling processes and raw material issues. Within this core competence, In2Waste endeavours to use 2. the circular economy as much as possible for optimum recycling of raw materials, with an eye for 3. socially responsible synergy with 4. an A to Z customer-specific process. As an Innovation Plant, this location is therefore extremely suitable for custom-made presentations, research and advice on "The New World". In short, an expansion that contributes to growth for the A&M Recycling Group, fits in with the developments within the recycling market and meets the requirements that are expected from “The New World”, towards a sustainable society! 

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