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Waste has a future
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On Sunday 14 October we took part in the Robert Doornbos Grand Prix in Rotterdam Ahoy, organised by Rotterdam Sport icons.

The Robert Doornbos Grand Prix is the greatest racing event for boys and girls. An area of approximately 6,000 square meters was transformed into a world of racing for all children. Children had the chance to participate in a pedal car race. 

Because of our social commitment, A&M Recycling was also at Ahoy to offer the children an unforgettable and educational experience. At our own tire changing square the children were given A&M Recycling overalls and gloves to wear. After changing into their gear, these A&M Rangers replaced the tires of our rally car as quickly as possible, under our supervision.

All children were given the opportunity to have their picture taken with their diploma at our rally car, race trailer or kart. Would you like an impression of the activities of this day? Photos of the event have been published on our Facebook page:

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