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Waste has a future
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Advice and implementation in the field of complex collection, recycling and raw material (recovery) issues form the core competence. The aim is to maximise the use of circular economic factors such as optimising residual material recycling and integrating social synergy. And all according to a process tailored to the client from A to Z. 

The Participation Act

An example of these complex issues is the Participation Act, a subject that is increasingly becoming a requirement within organisations and tenders. Through the Participation Act of 1 January 2015, the government has determined that the business community must create as much employment as possible for people at a disadvantage on the labour market. This has created a legal obligation - for companies with more than 25 employees - for 5% of total employment to be comprised of sheltered jobs. In practice this amounts to 25.5 hours per week for a job position.

With In2Waste Solutions this can be implemented by means of the separation or processing of residual materials by 'people with a distance to the labour market' such as WWB, WSW and Wajong disability and incapacity benefits. This can be implemented at the Innovation Plant at Rotterdam Europoort.

As an extension of social enterprise, our collaboration with DWZ is also important. DWZ is a special learning and employment company in Goes where people with a long distance to the labour market are given the opportunity to gain work experience in a protected working environment under professional supervision. This collaboration could also fulfil some of your social obligations.

If you have any questions about circular matters, please visit our website: or contact: 010-820 99 20.

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