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Waste has a future
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The year 2016 is behind us. Just like in previous years, A&M has again taken action towards sustainable collaboration. These actions are described in the 2016 Annual CSR Report. Based on the various topics, such as Materials & Waste, Energy, CO2 and Air Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Certifications, we talk you through the year at A&M Recycling.

In 2014, our score in terms of customer satisfaction was 8.2. In 2015, this figure was 8.3. In the year 2016 customers were also satisfied and rated us with an 8.3. Another important point is that the number of accidents resulting in absence is 0 for the 3rd year in a row. An achievement we are very proud of. Thanks to the measures we take, employees are aware of their work environment and safety and adjust their work accordingly. We work safely or we don't work at all!

'Waste has a future' and we hope that you want to work with us towards a sustainable cooperation.

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