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Waste has a future
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A&M Recycling was founded in the spring of 2003 by two experienced managers from the recycling industry. While sitting at the kitchen table, the two founders decided to use their extensive experience to start their own company. In the new company, business professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, human contact and personal values would be of primary importance. At that time, a shared 50 euro note became the symbolic 'starting capital' of A&M Recycling.

A&M Recycling has become a well-known name in the local, national and international fields of recycling. And not without a word of thanks to a growing number of clients who also think waste has a future. A&M Recycling has various well-equipped business sites, including a customs depot and various transshipment warehouses at Montrealweg 120 in Rotterdam Botlek, Achterzeedijk 57 in Barendrecht and at Dintelweg 71 in Europoort.

We want to thank everyone for their confidence and the beautiful moments in recent years. Onward to our 15-year anniversary and many years to follow, together with you of course!

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