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Waste has a future
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The A&M Recycling service is Total Care. Comprehensive waste management. This care goes beyond the usual waste collection. At Total Care you can count on numerous additional and supportive services.

A number of examples are described below. To find out what we can do for you, go to:

Recycling per discipline

Over the years, A&M Recycling has proven to be a reliable recycling partner in the field of disassembly. Whether it concerns small-scale disassembly, of machines on location for example, or large projects, such as train carriages, bridges or buildings, A&M Recycling is the right recycling partner for you. We can also take care of the dismantling of infrastructure related objects such as lighting columns. If necessary, a health and safety plan will be drawn up.

A&M Recycling regularly destroys goods sustainably and responsibly under the supervision of customs. We have excellent contacts and will organise the entire process with customs.

Asbestos is also a major danger for society. Therefore, asbestos must be disposed of professionally and safely, according to the most stringent rules and guidelines. An asbestos inventory plan is drawn up prior to each project. Based on this, a permit may be requested for dismantling. After this permit has been granted, the asbestos removal will be carried out in accordance with the SC 530 standard, giving you the certainty of safe and thorough asbestos removal.

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